We need your help!

Have you (or someone you know) experienced unpaid wages? Have you

  • not been paid for all the hours you have worked?
  • not been given the holiday pay you are entitled to?
  • been paid less than you expected?
  • not received the maternity pay you should have?
  • had unexpected deductions from your pay?

If this is the case we would like to hear from you. The Unpaid Britain project is looking for people to take part in our study.

The project is seeking to analyse how workers (including the self-employed) fail to be paid their full wage and the consequences of this for workers, their families and their employers.  We will be looking at why non-payment happens, and at the ways any unpaid sums can be reclaimed. The project is co-funded by Middlesex University Business School and Trust for London, and will last for two years, ending in October 2017.

If you choose to take part in the study all information that you provide us will be kept strictly confidential. We would ask you to take part in a 45 minute interview, which would be held at your convenience and will be tailored around your experience of unpaid wages.

If you would like more information about the project or have any questions about participating or would like to participate please contact us, you can PM us on Twitter or Facebook or contact Nick Clark directly Tel: 020 8411 4015; e-mail: n.clark@mdx.ac.uk

3 thoughts on “We need your help!

  1. Many Employers pay staff on a date earlier than the end of the month and some staff incorrectly believe that they are only paid up to the date they are being paid (e.g. Pay date might be the 15th, but they are being paid up to the last day of the month) When they leave that job some staff think they have been underpaid if they are only paid for the days that are worked in that month (plus any holidays etc) when in truth they have been paid correctly


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  3. Hello,

    I am looking for a piece of advice. I have recently finished working for Randolph Macdonald Hotel, which I suppose was the worst working experience I might have had in UK. I started 2nd of Feb, firstly I was told by several people, that my 1st wage will be paid 1 month later, in the and I was paid only for nearly 3 weeks till 22nd of Feb, but the point is, that they haven’t considered my service and tray charge, tips and extra hours as well. Despite of saying there was some discrepancy my manager {don’t believe he had a look on it], said me, that everything should be ok. Moreover they put the wrong tax code, as they told me, it was caused, because they didn’t have my P45 form, which I could have provided them if they asked me to, which didn’t. Sum it up it was 400 less caused by their mistake and now I am in a bad situation as I relied on that datum of 22nd of Feb to be paid out the all remaining money they owe me and they told me, its going to be paid 2nd or 3rd of March. Its just unacceptable as I am moving out next week and need this money for rent, deposit, etc. How should I defend myself? Trade Union? They just treat with their employees like shit, especially with foreigners, lying and I just don’t want let them get away with it so easily.



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